Upcoming appearances of the Trafficking Past Researchers

While the academic year winds down at both Birkbeck and UCL, the researchers of the Trafficking Past project are speeding up, with a number of upcoming scheduled appearances.

On Friday 2 June 2017, Julia and Philippa will be presenting at a workshop in Long Island, USA, as part of the 17th Berkshire Conference of Women Historians. The workshop is entitled ‘Challenging borders in research on trafficking and women’s migration’, and Julia and Philippa will be joined by affiliates of the Trafficking Past project including Jessica Pliley (Texas), Elisa Camiscioli (Binghamton), Sonja Dolinsek (Erfurt), Tara Suri (Princeton) and others. The workshop will examine the intersections between the history of trafficking and the history of migration (especially women’s migration) more broadly. In doing so it will challenge the ‘special’ status trafficking is often accorded as a phenomenon separated from clandestine migration and labour history.

On 7 June 2017, Julia and Philippa will take part in a special workshop at the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies entitled ‘Victims of Human Trafficking: A Multidisciplinary Problematization of a Category.’ This event has been organised by Runa Lazzarino, currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies. The event is open to the public, but attendees are encouraged to register via Eventbrite.

Meanwhile, in August and September 2017, Philippa will be a Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Fellow at the Laureate Research Programme in International History at the University of Sydney. This programme is a Project Partner of the Trafficking Past project, and will also be hosting a workshop for the project, ‘Trafficking History as Global History’, in April 2018.

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